Governor James E. Broome Sr.

James Emilius Broome was born on December 15, 1808, to John and Janet Broome in Hamburg, Aiken County, South Carolina. He moved to Florida in 1837 where he engaged in the mercantile business until 1841 when he retired.

Broome was married five times, his first wife was Amelia Ann (Dozier) Broome in Hamburg, South Carolina, the date unknown. They had two sons, John Dozier Broome and James Emelius Broome, Jr. She passed away on October 15, 1836. On March 12, 1842, he married Martha Hardy (Hawkins) Broome in Leon, Florida. They did not have any children and she passed away on January 2, 1847, in Tallahassee. No information is known about his other three wives.

Right after he retired, Governor Richard Keith Call appointed him to the position of Probate Judge of Leon County. He remained in that position until 1848.

As a Democrat, he was elected governor in 1852 and took office on October 3, 1853 and was an early States’-Righter. The Whig Party, the opposition to the Democrats at the time was in control of the Florida State Legislature. Vetoing so many of their bills, he became known as the “Veto Governor.” When his governorship was over, he served as a member of the Florida Senate in 1861. He served until 1865 when he moved to New York City.

On a visit in 1883 with his son John in DeLand, Florida be passed away. He was 74 years old.

The author of the portrait is unknown.

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