A major tourist spot for Florida, Everglades National Park is also a dumping ground for abandon dogs, snakes, cars, and humans. Over the years, partially eaten bodies have turned up with no explanation of how they got there.

In June 2016, a fisherman spotted two alligators eating human remains in a canal west of US 27 in Southwest Ranches. While they are treating it as a homicide, as reptiles are not suspected in the person’s death. By the time the authorities got to the body, the alligators had consumed the body’s midsection, making a determination of the person’s gender impossible. Eventually, the Broward County Medical Examiner said the person was male but had no idea to the cause of death and the case remains unsolved.

Another case in Broward County that remains a mystery and haunts the investigators, is that of teenage runaway Melissa Karp. Her remains were discovered along the L-28 Canal of Alligator Alley, north of the Collier County line in a large green plastic garbage bag on August 19, 2002. She had been beaten and shot in the chest.

For the two men accused of killing Lorraine Hatzakorzian of Long Island, New York, dumping her body in the Everglades did not work out so well for them. After a witness saw them praying to a small concrete “alligator god” to eat all of the evidence, and testified during their 2013, they were convicted. The prayer didn’t work.

Enough on that subject, I think you probably get the point by now.

Lost beauties

In 2017, photographer Matt Stock, and creative entrepreneur Charles J. Kropke founded Adventure Life Products “dedicated to developing fine art photography, books, and films that showcase the mysterious and alluring worlds of adventure and exploration.” The project is a 10-year plan to capture the striking beauty of vehicles that have been left behind in the Everglades.

Their first project “Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades,” uses a network of Gladesmen, satellite imagery, and investigating rumors, they have been above to re-discovered dozens of vehicles. Discoveries have included every wheel configuration since the motorized “horseless carriage.”

Deep in the heart of the Everglades, Matt Stock is creating hyper-realistic nighttime photographs by using a technique called “painting with light.” Through the mysterious and intriguing nighttime photographs, you can see the interaction between man and nature.

View the amazing images at Abandoned Vehicles of the Everglades.

The photograph was taken by Matt Stock

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