For those people, and the thousands moving to the state each year, there is a recent documentary that should be mandatory viewing as the price of admission. Charles Kropke, host of the film titled “The Unseen Everglades: Inside a Legendary Wilderness,” covers the subject—all 300 miles of it, beginning with Shingle Creek near Orlando, flowing into the Kissimmee River, then Lake Okeechobee, and eventually reaching all the way to Florida Bay. He traces the history of this ecological wonder, right up to the current effort to cure the pollution and restore the system to its original design.

The documentary compresses thousands of years of ecological evolution into an entertaining hour. Kropke has spent 30 years researching the Everglades. He interviews legendary Everglades advocates, such as Nat Reed from Stuart, as well as sportsmen, farmers and park rangers who know the subject intimately. They live it.

Bernard McCormick

The Water Warriors, Gulfstream Magazines

This is one of the best books I have ever been involved with and by far one of the best ever on South Beach.

Alusbert de Arce

Assouline and Tachen America

I have had the pleasure of working with Charles for over eleven years and during this time there was never a single moment when he didn’t impress both our clients and me personally.  He is an amazing speaker who has the unique ability to weave his messaging into a memorable story, captivating his audience.  His passion for our industry and our destination are unsurpassed and is always reflected in his delivery.

Natale Patterson

Director of Business Development, Access Destination Services

Regarding the book, SOUTH BEACH: Stories of a Renaissance, you have created something really special!

Mitchell Kaplan

Owner, Books & Books

The singular most important documentary ever made of the plight, the successes and the prospects for solutions to vexing problems on the Everglades’ restoration.

Nathaniel Reed

Co-Founder of the Everglades Foundation, Assistant Secretary of Interior under Nixon & Ford

South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance, the sixth top-selling title in Florida by independent book stores

Wyld About Books

Charles Kropke is one of the most eloquent, knowledgeable and natural speakers that I know.  He delivers his message with consistency and with passion.  His audience loves him as he has a charismatic way of connecting the audience when delivering the message and/or the content of the subject!

Sonia Fong

Associate Vice President, Convention Sales, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

SOUTH BEACH: Stories of a Renaissance, I have not put the book down! I really love it! Honestly, the best SoBe book I have ever read!

Ed Beaman

Florida Meeting Services

Through Dragonfly Expeditions, I have witnessed Charles in action on tours of South Florida and his level of professionalism, ability to tell stories and to inspire the audience was truly wonderful. Charles’ passion for making a different in the lives of people is one of his truly endearing qualifies. Couple this with his passion for business and the pursuit of excellence and you have an amazing individual.

Sean Kramer

Development Officer, Baptist Health South Florida Foundation

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