Water is our most valuable resource.  Many great empires have faltered when their water supplies became unreliable.  The center of Southern Florida is a vast wetland, The Everglades, which provides all of the water for millions of people living on the coasts.  Due to past mistakes of management, this water supply is becoming increasingly unsafe.  We believe that is it necessary to saturate our citizens with information to enable them to act wisely in protecting this essential resource.

To obtain this goal we are offering a subscription service to our Vimeo library as well as series of articles written by Charles J. Kropke, one of the top ten experts on the Everglades.  Charles has devoted his career to learning and teaching about the Everglades. His company, Dragonfly Expeditions, provides ecologically oriented tours from Orlando thought the Caribbean Basin.

Below is the trailer to our Emmy winning documentary on the Everglades.

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